2004 Chase Season

An overview of this seasons storms

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spotter watching funnel form large funnel moves toward road tornadic funnel move along road
Spotter calls in a developing tornado near Petrolia TX on 30 April, 2004. This was an unusual tornadic storm for us, it was located on a fast moving cold front. Generally tornadic supercells are on drylines or warm fronts, not cold fronts.   Large funnel approaches highway; a flat debris cloud was seen by some chasers, but it not visible from our location. After this shot I concentrated on shooting video. This was an early tornado, starting at 2 PM in the afternoon.   Following a funnel east toward the Red River. We would lose the storm as it crossed the river near Ryan Oklahoma. More tornado reports were issued as the storm entered Oklahoma.  

tornado warned storm crossed Red River Is he back yet? Iowa tornado
Tornado warned storm just before it crossed the river into Oklahoma on 30 April 2004.   I wish Gene would get back from his chase in Kansas.....these folks just don't feed me enough!   Central Iowa tornado south of Ft Dodge.  

Harper County KS night tornado Tornado approaching road Northern Iowa tornado
Continuous lightning keeps the funnel in sight as it churns its way toward Harper Kansas.  

Tornado kicks up a big debris cloud as it approaches a rural road.


Sunlit tornado spins up a spray vortex in the green Iowa fields.


tornado northwest of Bethany MO narrowing tornado NW of Bethany MO
This was a difficult day, we had to punch through three very heavy storm cores to get to this updraft. The massive funnel aloft produced a small tornadic circulation on the ground. We were looking NW of Bethany, MO on 24 May, 2004.   The large funnel narrowed as a wrapping rain curtain spun around the tornado cyclone. Dry air was getting entrained into the circulation dissipating the funnel.  

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