UPDRAFT - Will jump on anything convective. Leaves before noon and follows the moist axis to the boundary. Likes early spring flow, strong vorticity, tuna and anything dead at the side of the road.   DOWN DRAFT - Slow but accurate. Always hits the lunch buffet prior to loading the camera. Plots his own maps and can sniff out a good updraft from miles away. For future reference, he has a very special way of "marking" the width of the damage path.

All images and text © copyright Gene Moore unless otherwise indicated.

The fun begins...... One hard updraft Arkansas spin up
First convection breaks though the inversion on a hot June afternoon. Northern Oklahoma 1998.   Forming updraft on a supercell day. Northwest Ok 1999.   Spinning cloud formation near Fort Smith, Arkansas  

Supercell hail storm Unusual updraft The little storm that couldn't
A nasty supercell that gave me a hood full of dents shows off a beautiful sunset. Near Hartley, TX June 1999.   Dramatic storm updraft lights the evening sky. North of Mooreland, OK 1999.   Inflow tail cloud joining a mini supercell. Near Ellsworth Co., KS 1999. This storm produced golf ball to occasionally larger hailstones though its 5 hour life.  

Clarendon rotating wall cloud, funnel and rain curtain (hook) Texas panhandle hail storm turbulent base in sunset
Rotating rain curtain with funnel southwest of TX highway 287. May 28th, 1975.   Truck breaking free of severe hail storm during an extreme red sunset. Looking north near Hartley, TX. June 1999.   Turbulent storm in a deep red sunset. Shooting west near Hartley, TX June 1999  

Tornado near Grimes OK May 1977 flanking line - anvil Tornado south of Alantic, Iowa
A narrow flanking line tornado in open country near Grimes, OK. May 1977   Inflow flank to tornado producing storm. SE Briscoe, Northeast Motley Co., TX. 1976   A violent tornado moving across open county of s'rn Iowa. This funnel lofted a vehicle size object out the side of the cumulus tower above it at a height of about 15,000 ft. June 14th 1976  

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