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Two tornadoes in progress Supercell Silverton, TX 1976 Inflow cloud
Two distant tornadoes, one large, in progress SW of South Brice, TX. OU crew shot tornadoes looking west from hwy 70. Left tornado dissipating. April 19th, 1977.   Circular supercell updraft beginning to hail out near Silverton, TX. April 1976. View is looking west.   Northeast portion of Silverton supercell with arching inflow cloud.  

developing wall - tail cloud funnel forms behind wall cloud funnel northeast
Rotating wall cloud and tail cloud under Silverton storm. Large hail was reported in the area of the wall cloud.   Silverton storm and forming tornado behind wall cloud. V shape inside wall cloud. Funnel spun up a brief debris cloud before dissipating.   Second funnel cloud northeast over telephone pole. The dust was spinning up behind the house, but a tornado never formed.  

stacked donut flank heat ray sunset Distant long track tornado
Cumulus clouds stack like donuts into a flanking line of clouds. This storm later produced numerous weak tornadoes.   Intense red rays shoot skyward behind a storm in western Oklahoma.   Distant shot of a tornado east of Water Valley, TX that was down for 25-30 minutes. The tornado was visible from a distance of 25 miles. We were under an extensive rain free updraft that collapsed on top of us. We got to within 2 miles of the tornado before it finally dissipated in the rain.  

Intermittent tornado east of Water Valley late evening tornado late evening spike
Funnel and intermittent tornado that ripped vegetation out of the forest to our south. The condensation funnel never made it to the ground. The shot was taken east of Water Valley, TX 1989.   One in a series of hard to photograph tornadoes from a supercell north of San Angelo, TX. This ragged tornado was back lit enough to allow capture. Others I shot are too dark to be properly scanned. The scene provided hours of chaser entertainment. 1989.   Another tornado from the San Angelo series. This shot was taken as the storm moved very slowly south. It represents one of many late day funnels and tornadoes in the dark inflow slot to our west. Occasionally debris could be seen rising from the trees. I watched the event with Chasers Al Moller, Chuck Doswell and Mike Watts.  

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