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Monster supercell crossing south central Kansas in June. This storm had produced three tornadoes in its life; the last one just moments before this image was shot. For me this was an interesting outcome, my worst bust of the year produced one of my favorite storm shots.


Supercell in east central Kansas with rotating mesocyclone. This image was taken with my widest lens and if I don't center the horizon I get field curvature, like this. Sometimes that curvature can make for fun shots. In this case showing the top of the storm that was overhead.

This storm was part of a short line located one cell from the east end as the cells moved NNE. Were not sure why this cell later became the dominant storm of the day, but from early in its life cycle it showed a rotational structure.



Forming tornado lifts dirt out of the fields east of Grand Island, Nebraska. If you're not familiar you may not see the tornado. Look to the top of the image to see the smooth (laminar) funnel shape descending from the clouds. The circulation from this formation is already producing high wind on the ground. Thus it's a officially a tornado even through the condensation funnel is not making ground contact. Here is another shot of the tornado as it started, this one showing a wider area of the rotation.



Another shot of the Grand Island to Aurora, Nebraska tornado moving across open country. Of note, the city of Aurora also had the largest hail to fall in the US. This was in the spring of 2003. Link may be time sensitive.



Funnel cloud, almost tornado at the back of a wrapping gust front. This storm did produce two confirmed tornadoes later in the afternoon in the exact part of the structure this funnel formed. Why it took a couple more hours to come together is not known.



Large hailstones falling in front of us, see white spots on the image. So we stopped to evaluate our options, of which there were none. So into the hail it would be .....again.

Canon 15mm "square format" fish-eye lens.


Tornado across the brightly sunlit field.....deeply imbedded tornado (center of the image in the rain) with a column of dirt reveals itself.


Large funnel- small tornado. A well formed funnel cloud reaches for the ground, but doesn't quite make it. Swirls of dust were seen under this formation for about 5 minutes, but the condensation vortex never got planted on the ground. Another shot of this tornado later in its life cycle.



Hailstones frozen in flight behind a supercell thunderstorm. Supercells often dump large hail in the wake of the storm behind the main updraft. In this case the low sun angle gave us a nice perspective.



A splash of late night lightning and thunder with just a little water for the thirsty cactus. Storms that move off the Mexican Sierra often have wind and lightning, but little rain. Shot on May 25th, 2009 with the help of my daughter.


Beautiful rotating cloud formation from a dying supercell over eastern Kansas.



Stacked plates, or shelf clouds move over a farm house northeast of Marysville, KS. The storm produced two tornadoes, one was about 20 minutes before this images was taken. We followed this supercell for hours with the only direct path to the updraft on mud roads. A fellow chaser and friend from Canada, Ron Gravelle nailed the storm dropping south toward Marysville. Coming in from the west behind the storm there were no hard surface roads. I have a Jeep that can handle most of the Kansas gumbo, but this day the back roads slowed us down enough to miss the tornado.

Next year, bigger tires, deeper lugs.



Storm chaser grabs a shot of an LP supercell in NE Kansas.



Tornado moves across open country north of Hoxie Kansas. The tornado formed from a classic supercell, although rain wrapped around outside of the visible mesocyclone/ wall cloud the tornado stayed highly photogenic. Meanwhile a much larger wall cloud was formed to the north about 5 miles producing more tornadoes, some deeply imbedded in heavy ran. One of the tornadoes moved from west to east around the outer edge of the rotating wall cloud coming very close to hitting a column of chasers moving north.

Hoxie Tornado Slide Show Click link to get in, then click arrow on the right to get it going. To speed up the slide show double click the arrow and set it at a lower number. The first image is slow but the rest are faster. To get out click on the words HOME PAGE.


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