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Dry air was wrapping around the funnel and the storm's circulation tearing away cloud material and increasing the visible height of the tornado. The arching stage indicates the final dissipation is approaching.


The tornado was moving slightly west of north at this time; tornados do occasionally curve north to northwest when dissipating. I finally had a very clear shot of the funnel and storm.



Dramatic scene as the dry air aloft eats away at the back of the supercell structure, following the funnel deep into the storm. Nature's way of stopping the terrible thing that it created. During this time the narrowing of the funnel didn't reduce its strong rotation. Zooming in on the ground circulation with the video's zoom showed a violent circulation churning up the fields.



Evening sun, red dirt being lofted into the cloud and dry air wrapping into the remaining circulation give us a spectacular final stage of this tornado. Colors like this don't last long, fortunately I was not driving, or surrounded by powerlines when this scene unfolded.


Never say die, the narrow funnel persists as dry air chews away the remaining back side of the storm. An impressive debris cloud churns violently as the circulation becomes smaller. On many occasions the rope-out of a long lived tornado is very dramatic.



Only a thin spaghetti strand remains of the once strong tornado. Is this the final death of the funnel, it should be, but perhaps not.


A new wall cloud forms to my north with a funnel shaped lowering. It looked like another tornado would form here soon, but it did not.



The narrow funnel remains in the shot but difficult for me to watch. The Wichita NWS damage map show an F-0 tornado track northwest of Harper by about 3 miles. Could it have been this small funnel that was on the ground? Some believe this is the continued rope out of the previous tornado, but that wall cloud was completely gone and this is a new one.


Here is what happened instead. A long strand of a funnel formed and reached the ground with a small dirt circulation. I was driving east at the time and shooting this "over my shoulder." I didn't catch the little debris cloud. I was after after the next tornado and had a horde of vehicles behind me. Stopping at this time would have put me behind the pack, not good.


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