Plainview, Texas - Summer of 89

Gene Moore - Chase Day

Tornado strikes grain elevator Tornado moving southeast from elevator - wide angle view

June 6th was an obvious tornado day. At least we were convinced if we headed to the Texas Panhandle we would have good luck on the hunt. We could see storms forming in the distance as we came off the high plains of eastern New Mexico. This area allows for spectacular long distance viewing into Texas. We picked an isolated cell to our northeast. The first tornado formed at Oilton, Texas but it was so obscured in dust we did not glimpse it until much later. Strong inflow winds filled the updraft area of the storm with heavy dust. Thirty minutes later the storm moved over rain soaked soil limiting the dust and allowing us to view the inflow region. Two more tornadoes and two gustnadoes developed in the Plainview area. This was tornado number three as we photographed from a muddy road 2 miles southeast. The first shot depicts chunks of debris in the dust cloud as the tornado hit the grain elevator on the south side of town.

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